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New Year, New Blog!

Life is short...enjoy every bite! I really feel this way about the food I eat. Whether it is a gourmet dinner, a stop at a fast food restaurant, or eating dessert, every bite should be worth putting in your mouth!

I didn't realize that a "food blog" existed until this past year. As I thought more and more about it I decided that I was going to create a blog for myself, mainly as a way to keep track of all the delicious recipes I have and have tried. Believe me, this is a much more organized way of keeping track of my recipes than the 4x6 plastic photo album they've been tucked into since I left for college!

Foods I like (and basically live for) are pasta and cupcakes! But I also like to cook foods that are quick and easy and hopefully semi-healthy. Cooking and baking is a stress relief and a way to decompress after a long day. One of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon is bake cupcakes! There is something about the smell of cupcakes that symbolizes happiness to me. You would be hard pressed to find me sad around a cupcake!

So, to start this off on a "sweet" is a recipe for a tasty trifle!

Triple Chocolate Brownie Trifle
2 packages brownie mix
8-10 pudding snack packs (in milk chocolate and dark chocolate)
1 large container whipped cream
1 bag Heath pieces

Cook brownies according to package directions in a 9x13 pan, cool. Tear brownie into pieces. Place one layer of brownies on the bottom of a trifle dish and press down slightly. Open 2-3  snack packs and spread over brownies. Layer whipped cream over chocolate pudding then sprinkle some Heath pieces over whipped cream. Make sure to spread brownies, pudding, and whipped cream to the edges so you can see all layers through trifle dish. Repeat layering so that there are 3-4 layers to the trifle. Serve immediately or chill then serve.

*This is also very easy to assemble if you are bringing a dish to pass at a party or potluck.*