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Christmas 2011 Feast

As some of you may know, Kurt and I stay at our house on Christmas. Our parents did such a great job making Christmas so special for us as kids, we want Riglee (and any future children) to have that same Christmas morning excitement! So we literally hunker down, lock the doors, stay in our jammies, and eat all day long. Like last year, we had a feast of appetizers on Christmas day. We pretty much leave the food out all day and just eat as we please. Here is a taste of our day:

Crackers with Goat Cheese and Green Olives (I never said that we were classy, just that we like good  food)

Black Olive Dip served with Ruffles

Taco Dip with Tostitos

Hot Dip (Velveeta cheese, Jimmy Dean's Hot Sausage, 1 can diced tomatoes with juice)

Veggies and Ranch Dip - we can be healthy too!

Meatballs in Plum Sauce and  BBQ Little Weenies

Shrimp Cocktail (my grandma Normie gave me this amazing hand pounded serving platter)

Pumpernickel breads (Pumpernickel with mayo, onions, and a slice of swiss cheese on top)

And this is all of it! We had an abundance of cookies at the far end for our sweets. 

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